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    Can no longer update to Business Catalyst...

    bernwa Level 2

      With the closing of Muse and Business Catalyst, I've been working at finding a new web program to move all of my Muse sites to.  I've found one I like a lot called Architect by Without Code (Muse-themes.com).  But that's what my post is about.


      I have 5 sites hosted on Business Catalyst which was part of my Creative Cloud plan.  I received notice from Adobe that we had 2 years until BC would shut down.  Well, I recently went to do an update to one of my sites hosted on BC and it won't allow mw to connect anymore.  The site was still live online as well as the other 4.  I checked my connection to update on each of the 5 sites and none of them would let me connect.  I am connected to Creative Cloud so I know it's not that.


      So tell me Adobe... are you cutting off the ability to update those sites?  If so, it's just another chapter in this horrible nightmare you thrown upon us.  As soon as all my sites are move, I'm done with you.


      PS... I rebuilt those 5 sites and moved them all to new servers anyway.  Unbelievable.

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          Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

          if you have Adobe Muse 2017 or Dreamweaver you can still continue creating trial sites until June 18th, 2018 i.e, 4 days from now

          if you use Muse 2018 then the ui option was mistakenly "fixed" to remove this option


          the bottom line is Adobe BC is end of life and already showing major issues as Adobe turns things off without notice or testing so its past time to move on... best of luck to you!

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            ankushr40215001 Level 7

            Hey bernwa,


            From your issue description I guess your site have been deactivated by Business Catalyst considering the new GDPR guidelines.

            All the sites which are inactive till 30 or more days are getting deactivated.


            However, need not worry, I can help you getting the sites re-enabled.


            Please share your Adobe ID, and site URL with me in a private message.

            For doing a PM just hover the mouse on my user name and click "message".


            Alternatively you can also contact - Business catalyst Support and get your sites enabled.




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              bernwa Level 2

              Thanks for your reply.


              No, I had 5 active sites on BC.  I’m aware I had a few that were inactive.  But the five sites on BC were all live at domain URLs.  The sites were live but when I went to update them it would not let me connect.


              I appreciate you trying to help but there’s no point to it now because I moved those 5 sites off BC.  I did this now because BC is going away eventually anyway and these sites need updates ever so often.


              I’m not sure this is an issue with other members but I felt it should be pointed out.




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