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    Green screen appearing after rendering from AE (dynamic linking)


      Hi all!


      I'm frustrated by this green screen that appears after rendering from AE via dynamic linking.


      So I made an edit of a clip in AE using the dynamic linking from premiere pro.


      Once I've finished, I render it inside premiere pro (by pressing enter) and somehow this green corrupt frame in a split second appears (image 1). But even just 1 frame before that the green screen is not visible (image 2).


      However, this green corrupt frame is not visible in the AE. So I'm confused? (image 3)


      Can someone help me fix this? I'm so disappointed that this happens after spending so much time editing in AE.


      Image 1: the green corrupt frame.

      green screen.png

      Image 2: literally one frame before that is normal. Same with the next frame after the green corrupt one.

      one frame before.png

      Image 3: inside the AE composition where the green corrupt frame is not appearing unlike inside the premiere pro.

      inside AE.png

      Spec information:

      - I'm using Pr and AE CC 2018

      - Windows 10 latest build

      - CPU: Ryzen 5 1600X

      - GPU: GTX1060

      - RAM: 16GB


      Please help! Thank you