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    Faint keylines around picture boxes displaying in PDF


      I have an InDesign(CC) document with cutouts which I have placed in the file as PSD files.

      The cutouts have a drop shadow on, and in some cases text with a glow effect.


      The problem I am having is that I am trying to create a PDF to be viewed on screen only:


      I've tried:

      InDesign Adobe PDF presets - [Smallest files size]

      Postscript file - Distiller [Standard]


      Both with the same results still with faint keylines stitching appearing around some (not all) of the picture boxes.

      I can turn them off using the Preferences - Smoothing Line Art and my Use Overprint Preview is set to Always however once the PDF has been emailed to someone else they are still seeing the keylines.


      My question is I guess is how can I generate a PDF without the keyline problem, is there a setting somewhere that I've missed, or is there anything else I can try?


      Thank you!