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    Problem with fscommand

      Dear All,

      I have problem about fscommand.

      I have 3 modules flash in .swf file. first module is menu frame, program and guide. I create execute file for program.swf and menu.swf, now I have file flash:


      File 'program' and 'guide' I save in /fscommand/

      I hope can load/exec file "program.exe" from file "menu.exe" (its work)
      and I hope can load/exec file "guide.exe" from file "program.exe." (it isn't work)


      From frame menu (button to execute program) I already create command for execute file, actionscript 2.0:
      fscommand("exec", "program.exe"); its run properly. but when I load/exec "guide.exe" from program.exe (AS 2.0 : fscommand("exec", "guide.exe"); ) isn't work, I dont know why.

      I have create sub folder and copy paste to "../fscommand/fscommand/guide.exe. its also not run. looks like freeze then fail.

      I need help about my problems.

      thanks a lot