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    How can I list all styles and fonts used in a book's files?

    Marina Michaels Level 1

      Platform and version: Windows 10, InDesign CC 2018


      I have a book whose files were in a previous design. I'm updating the design. I know some old definitions (styles and their fonts) are hiding in some of the files. I'd like to get a list, chapter-by-chapter, of all the styles and fonts used in each document so I can clean up the files.


      Is that possible? And if so, how?


      I found the Font Reporter script which claims to list all the fonts used in an ID file, but since the script hasn't been updated since 2011, I doubt it is compatible with the latest ID. (So I'm not going to try it. I have enough problems with ID crashing on older files without any scripts installed. I don't want to give ID any excuses to do it even more.)

      Thanks in advance for your help.