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    Quiz points scored




      The in the results slide, I have activated the Retake button.


      I use the variable cpQuizInfoPointsscored to decide whether my slide moves to the "Fail" slide or the "Pass" slide.


      The first attempt, the variable works fine. However, I noticed that even after clicking the retake button, cpQuizInfoPointsscored retains the points of first quiz attempt.


      Say my first quiz attempt, I scored 10/20, after clicking the retake button, I see 10 on the counter.


      This now messes up my quiz result after retaking.


      I know how I can fix it using my own variable and using advanced actions, however, I know it is a tedious task.


      Any advise on how to reset cpQuizInfoPointsscored? javascript?



      Thank you!

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Stephanie,


          Something must be wrong in your setup. Tthis is the normal behavior of the system quizzing variable cpSuizInfoPointsscored:

          • The value is changed after the second step in the Submit process on each slide (after pressing Y or clicking on slide).
          • When getting to score slide, it shows the total score for that attempt
          • When clicking the Retake button, its value is reset to 0 and learner is sent to the first question slide (or slide with scored object) and all answers are deleted.


          Can you show the advanced action and tell which event you are using to trigger that action?


          Did you perhaps delete the Continue button on the score slide, which is the most important button, has all functionality built in?

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            stephanieo75293497 Level 1

            Thanks for your response.


            funny thing is, I used to create quizzes this way, this is the only instance where cpQuizInfoPointsscored doesn't refresh after clicking the retake quiz button.








            I use the variable on the screen to show how many points scored.


            I only use the default score slide if failed, that is why the "Continue" button is outside the stage. I have a different slide for Passing, and that contains a button leading to the closing slide. BTW, the retake quiz button is not self made, but system default


            AFter clicking the retake quiz button, i am led to the first question, however, the score counter always reflect the initial points scored from first quiz attempt. What's wrong with my captivate file?

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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              The Continue button has to remain on the stage!  It should normally be clicked, because the actions set in Quiz Preferences for Passing/Failing Grade will only be done when clicking that button and having the playhead reaching the last frame of the score slide. The importance of the Continue button is similar to the Submit button on quiz slides. If you take them out, you lose functionality. It is a button that cannot be unchecked anywhere for that reason.


              I don't understand what you explain about not using the score slide when passing? Why?


              Which event is triggering that conditional action?


              It could be that your project is corrupt if you were successful with exactly the same approach before (although I doubt about Continue outside of the stage).