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    Diagonal animation with AS

    brian914 Level 1
      I am having a hard time to get this shape to animate diagonal. I have a MC that is 30 wide by 500 high. I rotated that on the stage by 45 degrees. I now want that to become wider in my animation, so the side that is 30 wide, because way wider. I tried this, making both width and height 500, but it barely changes in size.

      fOpenWork.push([{target:mask_0, _width:500, time:OpenTime1, delay:1, ease:"easeOutExpo"},
      {target:mask_0, _height:500, time:OpenTime1, delay:1, ease:"easeOutExpo"}

      My registration point of the MC seems to be on the right side for what I think I am trying to do. How would I need to set his up to get it to work? Would I use a different shape?