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    Rolling Shutter repair not working, taking forever, In Premier Pro 2018


      I've got a 6 sec 4k test clip in xavc-s (from a6300) with terrible rolling shutter (as expected), it's been 1h since I applied the rolling shutter repair tool, yet the video is still red (unrendered). Tried with a 6 sec 1080p clip, same problem, it simply never renders. Tried 'render and replace', but it makes no difference whatsoever, the clip stays red, and the rendered clip in the folder has no repair applied to it. Also tried rendering into h.264 video to check if the format is the issue, but still no luck, same problem.


      It is so strange that there are no threads even remotely referencing this issue..


      Has anyone else had this kind of issue ?



      My system:

      Window 10



      16GM RAM