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    Application Manager/Lightroom 6 activation

    TheGeekyFox Level 1

      Good afternoon,

      About a year ago, I purchased the licence for Ligtroom 6 standalone. Since I installed it on both my desktop computer and laptop, there were certain issues. On my desktop computer, it always worked for two or three days and then the "Application Manager/ Creative Cloud" is missing and I had to re-install it. (I have re-installed the whole thing multiple times). Whereas on my laptop, it usually gives me this notification that the Creative Cloud needs to be repaired, which I wouldn't mind if there wasn't the need of being connected to the internet. But the biggest problem is, even when the Creative Cloud app on my laptop works, Lightroom demands to be activated over and over again anytime I try to run and it starts to be a bit annoying since it, again, needs to be connected to the internet. Which is quite inconvenient when I travel and need to edit photos as I go. So Is there anything that could be done to make it work without constantly re-installing the Creative Cloud/Application Manager, activating Lightroom and the need of having the internet connection?

      Thank you for any advice!