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    Inaccurate 1:1 resolution with 4k monitor


      I am using an Eizo CG 318 4K monitor, and I am having trouble getting lightroom (and possibly Photoshop as well) to display a true 1 to 1 pixel display, so that 1 pixel in the photo is 1 pixel in the monitor. For example, I was looking at a DJI drone file, the dimensions of which are 5464x3070. My screen is Cinema 4k, which is 4096x2160. Based on this, choosing 1:1 should mean that the image extends past the border of the screen when zoomed to 1:1. In fact, this is not the case...at 1:1 it still has roughly two inches around the borders, and is actually smaller than the "fit" setting. At 2:1, the image seems more like it should be at 1:1. That said, I am not sure...I would prefer if I could make it so that 1 to 1 was truly a 1 to 1 view. This would be very useful, as my screen has roughly 150dpi of resolution, which is reasonably close to matching a print, so it is helpful to get an idea of printed quality at a given size. Can anyone recommend a solution? I am using a Mac, and the display is listed as being "default for display". That said, the display is listed as "unknown monitor"...