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    Photoshop CS6 no print (photoshop has stopped working)



      I have a problem with Photoshop CS6 ver 13.01 x32.
      I am a hardware technician.
      One of my customers broke the printer.
      I installed a new Utax 2506ci.
      The printer works correctly and prints from any application.
      Unfortunately, opening a file created previously with Photoshop and trying to print it with the utax, photoshop crashes (photoshop has stopped working and closes).
      If the customer creates a new file, print correctly.
      If the customer opens this file and copies the contents to a new photoshop file, print correctly.
      We have the same problem on 2 different PCs of two different users.
      The customer can not recreate all the previously saved files, they are thousands !!!!

      Thank you