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    How to Export All Settings in My Connections

      Because the most recent CS3 update has corrupted ALL of my CS3 programs, Adobe has advised me to uninstall and reinstall everything, including Contribute. I can find no way to save all of the settings in My Connections. This is a problem because I administer multiple sites. Suggestions?
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          ThinkInk Level 2
          As a backup you should allways create for yourself admin connection keys and keys for your users for all the websites. This would save you, and your users, the trouble of recreating the connections at any time.

          As far as I know the admin settings (including roles) are all saved on the server, so they are not deleted on uninstalling the program. You can backup these settings by copying the folders (_mm, _baks, _notes), or the whole site, using a ftp-client. The _mm folder is the admin-settings folder. The _notes folders are the design notes per item. The _baks folders are there if you enabled roolbacks on your site.

          If you uninstall, you can, after re-installing the program, create a new connection to the website an login as the administrator and see the settings you created before.

          If you remembered your password, you can do this, if not you can use your backup admin connection key and the new password. You can then delete the old admin-role and use your new one.