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    Business Cards - Excell

    openskies2009 Level 1

      I have an excel sheet with Email - Office - Cell - Fax columns.

      Some workers do not want their cell phone on their cards or work out of the office so they do not have an office number.

      As well as some people dont want their home phone number .


      I've been leaving these fields blank in the excel sheet and using a numbered list with a special paragraph style with each row name.

      This works well. When there is not a value in a cell, it is collapsed not disturbing the layout.

      The problem Im having is when the Homes, Office, Cell or Fax change this alters the number list loosing the paragraph style.

      Is there anyway to keep these styles on the list even though they are removed and added?



      Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 11.29.24 AM.png