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    Transparent TIFF won't change color in InDesign




      I've done this a dozen times before with no problems, but now a TIFF with a transparent background will only stay black when I change the color profile in InDesign. I'm working with a Photoshop file and we're trying to keep color consistent with the design created from it. Basically removing background colors from said PS file and doing those through InDesign. We have a layer that is a one-color pattern and we want to designate a Pantone color to it, thus the TIFF portion.


      I've saved it without layers, gotten rid of any background so there isn't any white, made sure it's in 8-bit grayscale, toggled the Overprint Preview, to no avail.


      Does anybody have a solution to this? We don't want to vectorize the pattern or anything as it's not the greatest quality, so the image trace won't do it justice.


      Thanks in advance!