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    getURL firefox ( bug

    pow_haaweeese Level 1
      hi all,
      I am trying to load a pdf with a button using getURL.
      here is the code that does work, when I go to safari and designate Safari as my primary browser. it works.

      When I switch it to the latest version of firefox, it says:

      "file not found
      cannot find the file at (X250_B/jimsbook_3.0/siteAssests/jimjohnson_resume.pdf)"

      I don't think I need to list the whole path...I tried it anyway, and there's no change.
      Anyway, if anyone has had a similar problem, I'm on a mac, firefox, trying to load a pdf with getURL, code on the button.

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          cdeatherage Level 3
          Try entering the complete URL in your code:

          on (Release) {
          getURL(" http://www.yourdomainname.com/siteAssets/jimjohnson_res.pdf", "_blank");
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            Damon Edwards Level 3
            The path needs to be relative to the HTML file that is supplying the SWF. So where the HTML file resides on your server, there needs to be a folder named "siteAssets", and the pdf needs to be in that folder. Spelling counts, and capitalization counts as well.
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              pow_haaweeese Level 1
              hi cd and dz,
              so, I'm not even on my server yet. I'm on my hard d

              rive, and the path is,
              >siteAssests> (folder inside the same folder as the fla)

              I mean, I'm not even needing to list my domain yet am I? I can't even get it to go down one folder and see my pdf.

              When it goes to godaddy (my provider) I'll have placed the swf inside my dreamweaver doc, and I'll put the pdf inside the "siteAssets" folder there too. But that's not my question. This is a firefox thing, a simple button, calling a pdf with getURL, one folder deep on my hard drive.

              CD, I'm even sure what URL I'd call, as the pdf is just one folder deep. on my hard drive.

              any thoughts given this information?
              I mean, my code is correct, yes?

              thanks for your time...
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                pow_haaweeese Level 1
                (pick an expletive)

                so my two days of trying to figure this out?

                on (release) {
                getURL("siteAssets/jimjohnson_res.pdf", "_blank");

                a simple spelling mistake.

                When I pasted the code, somehow the R in (release) appears lower case here (in my post) so it appeared correct to you all. But I finally went to an older version of the site, and copied the text out and pasted it in next to my code, and i noticed...the R in (release) was capitalized.

                That's why it was not working.

                I apologize for this, and appreciate your helpfulness on my behalf.


                ( I can still hear Ren (Ren and Stimpy) saying "you IDIOT!" )