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    File upload onComplete failing

      I'm using the FileReference.browse method to allow users to uplodd an .mp3 to a script. I am using AS2, publishing to Flash8. I am looking for and logging events ... when I first created this the oncomplete returned success and the file uploaded fine. Somewhere along the line oncomplete started to fail, yet the file still uploads. However now the flash player continues to attempt to open the file it seems, as my CPU pegs with seconds and the browser hangs. I can't see that I changed any code in the browse method, which I grabbed directly from Flash Help. I had changed the oncomplete to onCompleteData but that's not working either. Any thoughts out there?

      Here is an example of what I mean (please have an mp3 ready to upload. Here's one if you need it.):


      Thanks! any help would be appreciated

      Here is the code: