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    Computer Settings while working with 4K SDR-HDR footage

    juan miguelv76739283 Level 1

      Good morning all


      For the past months i have been working with 4K sdr and hdr footage. I work for a digital distributor and all the assets I work with comes from Studios.

      My job consist in mixing some footage from different films to create our own promotional content, a kind of monthly agenda with SDR content.


      We use to have problems with the renders on AP and AE: black frames, distorted frames, red frames (solved if I get the file with steady gop instead of variable). Additionally, we work with an external agency, apparently they are not having any issue while rendering SDR projects.


      I am wondering, what I am missing and why I am having these problems.


      My computer:

      Windows 10 po

      HP inc

      Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 v4 @ 2.10 GHz
      32 Gb RAM
      64 bits
      NVIDIA Quadro M2000 (my workmate works with M5000 and also he has render problems)


      Can anyone please help me with this matter, or advice me if I should change anything on my computer or even in the render export settings? (we use to render in mp4)


      Thanks in advance