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    WHAT THE HELL!? Edited 150 images on iPad and synced to LR Classic, all adjustments gone on both platforms?

    JAlanPaul Level 1

      So over the past week I've been experimenting with using the Camera connect kit to take images directly from my SD card into my iPad pro to do some edits while traveling. I upgraded to the 1tb CC plan so I'd have plenty of storage. I culled and edited around 150 images in LR Mobile over the past 3 days and just got back to my office to sync everything and get all the RAW and edits in my LR Classic CC catalog.


      The collection shows up and all the RAW images are there, but NONE of the edits showed up. So I opened up my iPad to see what happened, and low and behold... they are all RESET on my iPad now. So everything I worked on over the past few days is completely gone. I basically have to start over from unedited photos.


      Why did this happen? How do I keep it from happening again? Is it even worth it to try again?


      Thanks.. had to rant for a minute. I hope someone knows what is going on with this...