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    Strange behavior from moving cursor

    bdyomtov Level 1

      Sometimes when I am in the Develop module the image changes when I move the cursor between the side panels and the image itself. With the cursor in one or the other it becomes brighter and a bit more magenta or darker and a bit more green.


      Yes, this happens.


      It seems to have nothing to do with the monitor since it happens on both my monitors, and does not happen in any other application.


      Has anyone else experienced this?


      Does anyone have any ideas?


      I am running Release 7.3.1 of Adobe Classic on a Mac running High Sierra, Version 10.13.4.


      Thank you.

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          Laura Shoe Adobe Community Professional

          I have also experienced this. I find that it helps to reset preferences, but the issue does recur. I'd suggest posting your issue over on Adobe's bug/feedback site - product engineers get involved over there.


          To reset preferences close LR, then hold down Alt-Shift as you open it and choose Reset. Note that this does set your preferences all back to their defaults, so you'll have to change any you didn't want at the defaults. If you're not sure what you might have changed, it can be helpful to take screenshots of all the preferences tabs before you reset.