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      Hi All,

      I am a new user of Captivate and I am facing some issue with Hyperlink.

      I wish to add a hyperlink to a text and I tried this with a ' Click Box ' and ' Button ',
      Set the action as - on success > open URL---
      Then some times it showing correctly in ' Preview in Browser '

      But after Publish the course it is not working.

      I checked with ' Help ' menu.
      On basis of Help menu there is a term for Hyperlink in ' Insert Menu '.
      But in my Captivate window in Insert menu - Hyperlink option is not in the the menu items.

      In Help menu, there is some description about RoboHelp.
      Is it neccessory to install RoboHelp with Captivate?

      If anyone have any idea for these queries, let me know that.

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          rex@karinrex.com Level 1
          What version of Captivate are you using?
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi all

            J, the answer to your RoboHelp question is that you should not have to have RoboHelp installed in order to have a HyperLink. It should be as simple as using a Click Box or Button object and programming it to "Open URL or File". And in that dialog you specify the link destination.

            Depending on how you are viewing the output, you could be facing the security restrictions imposed by Flash Player 8. For that, try looking at this link.

            Cheers... Rick