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    Early Test Page Keeps Breaking

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      I'm in the process of designing my own web portfolio, and I have run into a problem I can't get past. I'm using a non-web font and started designing the front page at 4K native resolution and kept checking if it downscales properly while I was working. I only have three break points. The one I made myself, at 3840, the one Muse made at 960 and the one you can't do anything with at 320. I tried to remove the 960 breakpoint, but it doesn't seem like re-positioning does anything. It just keeps getting super large and break when the browser hits 960. Is this because I'm using a non-web font? Using Adobe Portfolio is not an option.


      Here is my website as it is now: www.bjornmartin.no


      Here is my Muse file: WeTransfer


      Also, please don't rip the font. I'm the only one with a copy and the license to use it.