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    Confused by Maddy .PSD layers setup

    warpigs666 Level 1

      Can anyone explain the logic behind the Maddy .psd layers? Why is it that each view appears to be duplicated?? There's:


      Right Profile

      Left Profile

      and then under each of those is a head and body group, and then each of those has a frontal, R/L quarter, and R/L profile. Why all the redundancy? I don't understand...

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          alank99101739 Level 4

          OK Samurai explained this in the forums recently. The top left Frontal/Right Profile/Left Profile have a walk behavior. The nested layers with more profiles have a head turner behavior so the head turns with the web cam.  So yes the layers are called the same thing, but they are used differently by different behaviors - "Walk" and "Head Turner" in particular.

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