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    Images still disappearing B4 import!


      I posted before about images that disappeared before I could import them. I have an up- to -date MacBook Pro and up -to -date LR Classic. I import from a SD card to a WD Passport for Mac and then go to LR library to import from the WD. I disabled the GPU after my first question and that solved the problem for awhile.


      Couple of days ago, I added some new photos to an existing folder on the WD. I've checked off "don't import duplicates" in LR. I started the Library import from the WD folder. I briefly saw the new images with checkmarks, and then they disappeared! I checked to see if the GPU had rechecked itself. It hadn't. Sigh. (I wound up importing directly from the SD card, but I hate letting LR do that as I have trouble finding the images later. I did keyword, but...) Probably more than you needed to know, but I wanted to be thorough.


      Your help will be greatly appreciated!