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    Flex Ajax bridge - flash player detection

      Does anyone know of a Flex HTML wrapper template which handles the express install (with history) user experiences in a manner which is compatible with the lifecycle of the Flex/Ajax bridge? Assuming JavaScript is enabled, the express install process creates the embed DOM node for the SWF dynamically; however, the FABridge scripts assume that the embed node(s) exist within the DOM; the the initialisation of the FABridge queries the DOM for ‘bridge’ instances (i.e. embed tags with the relevant flash vars). If the embed node is not present, the FABridge.instances object is not initialised correctly. This causes two problems: firstly, attempting to register an initialisation callback in the FABridge will fail, since the bridge instance is not known. Secondly, the ExternalInterface call from the Flash component to signify that it has successfully initialised does not have an endpoint to communicate with, meaning that the client side lifecycle cannot be instantiated.

      If anyone has come across a useful strategy to approach this problem, I'd be hugely grateful for any pointers.

      Thanks, Greg