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    How do I hide the FLV component controls as desired?

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      Hi All,

      I have a FLV Component on the screen. I dont want the controls to be visible in the beginning, i.e autohide. enable which works. But when I move the cursor on the component it gets visible, or enabled. can i do something that it doesnt get shown when moving the cursor over the component?

      Actually Im playing an audio, after it's completed (onSoundComplete) i want to display the controls fully.

      Another problem is that I have a couple of audio tracks in the library. I have a mute/replay button. Whenever i pause (stopAllSounds) the intro audio in the video frame, and play the video which i have loaded in the component, I dont hear the audio of the video. Why is this? Is stopAllSounds() affecting the video? Is there any other way I can do the stopping of background sound without affecting the FLV audio?

      Please help me out.