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    getting LR 6 without CC


      I already have LR from 2012. Is there a way I can just download LR6 without having Creative Cloud?


      I tried the free sample, but can't find the photo edited. I am just on free trial membership here, so not sure where to look for the edited photo.


      And my third question is: I'm not enjoying the user experience here, how do I cancel my adobe ID ?


      Be so grateful for any help please


      thank you in advance


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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You indicate that you are presently on a trial version. Are you trying Lightroom CC (the cloud-based Lightroom), or are you trying Lightroom Classic CC?

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            josiec34198985 Level 1

            Hello, thank you so much for replying.yes, you're right,


            Yes, you're right, I am trying the LR CC . I don't think I can want a cloud-based system or storage or the version of LR in the free trial. Is it possible to just get Lightroom 6 on it's own ( preferably as an upgrade/ update to my current version from 2012)? 


            Again, thanks so much


            I really appreciate you replying.

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Yes, you can still purchase Lightroom 6 as a standalone program, and it can be purchased as an upgrade to an older version of Lightroom. You need to understand, however, that is no longer being updated and it will not be upgraded ever again. Lightroom 6 had 14 updates, and you can download and install the 6.14 update. After you do that you will not receive any new updates, no support for new cameras. It is an "end of life" product. If that is what you want, here is the link where you can order it:

              Adobe Checkout

              After you change to indicate that you want to purchase an upgrade, the price will change. After you install the initial installer you will want to go to the following link and download the 6.14 update and install it:

              Download Photoshop Lightroom

              You may not be aware that there is another product, Lightroom Classic CC. It is subscription based. But it functions much more like the Lightroom you are accustomed to. Images are stored in folders on your hard drive. It functions much the same as the Lightroom you have been using, but with many new features. You have the opportunity to choose images that you may want to share in the cloud, but every image is not shared in the cloud like the one you have been considering with your trial. It's your choice. Lightroom Classic CC is constantly being updated, new features added, new camera support added, and is considerably different from what you have been looking at.


              Lightroom Classic CC is part of the Creative Cloud photography plan which also includes Photoshop CC and Bridge and does include the desktop version of Lightroom CC for you to experiment with if you choose to do so. It is NOT recommended to try to use both versions of Lightroom on the same computer, although it is possible to do so. If you try to make the two programs work together it will only serve to cause a lot of frustration. The photography plan is a subscription program, as I mentioned previously. The cost in the US is $9.99/month, and there is a discount for paying annually.

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                josiec34198985 Level 1

                Thank you so much, wonderfully written and brilliantly explained! I've gone from not understanding at all, to completely getting it! thank you


                Have a lovely day .