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    Huawei Camera Raw DNG files unsupported?


      I'm using a Huawei Honor 8 phone for all of my raw photos, yet when we import the DNG files to Lightroom Classic CC (latest version 7.3.1 on a PC, haven't tried the android app) we get none of the new ''adobe color'' profiles or any of the other Camera Raw specific features.

      I looked at the supported camera list and there's no sign of Huawei anywhere, despite many of their cameras supporting raw DNG captures.

      I've also tried the Adobe DNG converter to convert these files, but the converted files still behave as regular, non-raw files in Lightroom, no difference.


      Are these features simply unavailable for unsupported cameras, or are we missing something here? (We're still rather new to Lightroom so that *is* possible!)


      If that is the case, I humbly request support for Huawei, as the new adobe color features look very enticing!



      Thanks in advance, -AW.

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          Abambo Adobe Community Professional

          DNG is DNG and is is highly supported by Adobe Lr (as it is the “native” format). I, however, do not understand what you mean with Adobe colour? If you mean the bew profiles, that you now find at the beginning of the dev chain, instead of the end: They should be present as any other dev parameter.

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            AdaptedW Level 1

            I mean the new profiles yes, when we import a .dng image it should default to ''adobe color'' in the profiles under the dev chain but instead it defaults to ''color'' and only offers the standard creative profiles (modern, vintage etc.) with none of the adobe profiles that I've seen in the new profile showcase videos - figured it might've had something to do with the camera being unsupported as we don't see any difference in dev options between importing a .jpeg and a .dng. But perhaps that's not the issue?


            Edit: It turns out the Huawei phone has nothing to do with the missing new profiles, as we've tried downloading a few free .dng images and still there's no sign of the adobe color profiles, only ''color'' and ''monochrome'' etc.. I guess the title should've been ''None of the adobe color profiles appear on my raw images!''

            Apologies for the confusion. After doing a clean reinstall of Lightroom the profiles are still nowhere to be seen though. It's one odd mystery.


            Final Edit: Wow, what a confusing problem this was. It's all solved now though! Had tried to reinstall Lightroom twice with no luck, doing a complete clean reinstall in attempt to get the missing profiles - though it turns out what would fix it was to download the Camera Raw plugin separately and install it again - now I'm seeing the new Adobe profiles and Raw features! Again sorry for the confusion, I had somehow gotten the missing profiles connected to a lack of support for the camera.