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    Upgraded PP and now some media offline

    michelle_sokolich Level 1

      Help please!!


      I upgraded PP to 12.1.1 the other day on my Macbook pro 2015 with El Capitan version 10.11.6.  Everything seemed fine.  Then I had to go back to an old project to change something for a client - when I opened the project some of the footage was ok and some was offline.


      I thought I'd try re-linking the media that was showing offline (even though it was still in the same place on the drive).  When I went to re-link it said:

      The selected file does not contain video media used by clip references in one or more sequences. These video clip references will be deleted, and cannot be undone. Do you want to continue?


      I said I did want to continue and all the clips in my timeline disappeared, and the one I was trying to re-link appeared as an audio file.


      I closed the project and took it to my other computer iMac late 2012 with Sierra 10.12.6 - and it's absolutely fine.


      So I upgraded my MacBook pro to high Sierra to see if that helped - so now running 10.13.5. Hasn't made any difference.


      Any ideas?!  I am freaking out a bit about this!!!