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    Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro - Menu Missing - Mac - Nothing Works


      Hello tribe,


      I have an old version of Adobe Creative Suite 5 that includes Acrobat 9 Pro. I recently purchased a new Mac, installed the software, and what used to work fine on my previous laptop, now doesn't so on new one, re: just Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. 


      The problem:


      • ALL the menu bars are ghosted (File, Edit, View, etc. I can't do anything. I use the program a lot to "combine PDF files into 1 doc, can't do it now)
      • I try to open PDF documents by selecting "open with Adobe Acrobat Pro - nothing happens


      Solutions tried, no luck:


      • Pressing “Shift,” “Command” and “M” keys at the same time to bring up menu - nothing happens
      • Uninstalling and re-installing - seems like it doesn't allow me to uninstall using the folder "uninstall command


      Mac Specs if it helps:


      • macOS Sierra


      I attached a screenshot of what I see on the menu bar - just the "acrobat" name (It also shows the contents of the Acrobat folder)


      What gives? HELP! Thanks.


      Screenshot 2018-06-16 18.37.05.png