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    Lightroom Classic often freezes, and open a window "Shadow"




      I have an issue with Lightroom Classic.

      Lightroom freeze and doesn't answer.

      The only way that I found to unblock the situation is to kill Llightroom Classic.

      On Windows task bar it appeared a new Lightroom Window with the "Shadow".



      Sometimes it happens some second or minutes just after to start Lightroom Classic.

      Sometimes it happens some hours after ...


      Windows 10 : 1803 (It happened with 1709 too).

      Last version of Radeon driver (it happend with older version too)

      Lightroom Classic : 7.3.1


      With or without hardware acceleration

      => KO


      I tried to uninstall keeping preference and install Lightroom Classic.

      => KO

      I tried to uninstall without keeping preference and install it again

      => KO


      It is not possible for me to use this software and have this kind of issue .

      This is very uncomfortable.


      Have you an idea how to solve this issue please ?