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    Audio desync--a REAL way to fix this? (Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Windows 10)


      I'm trying to edit a short 10-second video clip to sync up with a corresponding audio file but the audio gets out-of-sync halfway through. I've tried looking for a solution elsewhere on the Internet but none of the common solutions seem to fix the problem. Below is a list of common suggestions that haven't worked for me:



      Installing QuickTime on my computer doesn't work.


      Converting the video file from MP4 to MOV doesn't work. (The audio file is WAV and converting the audio from WAV to MP3 doesn't work either)


      Changing the device class from MME to ASIO in Audio Hardware under Preferences doesn't work. (ASIO doesn't even show up in that option for me)



      Does anyone out there know a solution to this problem that actually works? Also, I don't mean to be rude, but if you've been experiencing this issue as well, please don't waste my time by replying that you have unless you've found an effective solution to the problem other than the ones listed above. Thank you and have a nice day.