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    Lightroom CC 1.3 for MAC - NOT MAKING PRESET .XMPs


      Hi everyone,

      This has been driving us nuts!  We've tested this on two laptops and still can't get find it.  Basically, when you create a new Preset, we should be able to FIND THE ENCLOSING FOLDER where the presets are stored.


      Lightroom CC 1.3 for Mac is not making any of these .xmp files.  How do I know?  When I create a Preset with a funny name like "WTF ADOBE" or "DUMBDUMB", I can't find it anywhere.  Not in my ~Library files. Not in the Application contents package. Searching the file via my entire computer does not work.


      ADOBE PLEASE HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE and bring back the "find enclosing" folder link for our presets.


      We used to recommend the Adobe package for all our clients.  Not anymore!  Worst update ever.