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    Distored audio in a clip (during editing process)


      Hi everyone,

      I am facing this issue whereby Premiere seems to be distorting the audio of one of my clips when I try to play it in the Source monitor and place it in my sequence. The original clip works just fine. I tried deleting the original clip and replacing it back into the source folder, moving it into a different folder, and directly dragging it from my windows folder to the sequence... In all cases, the audio of the clip is being compressed to about half the length it's supposed to be, so it sounds all jarbled together (the clip is of someone talking). I tried changing the frame rate of my sequence; that didn't work either. Really stumped as to what is going on here, tried searching the forums as well but could not find any solutions. Any ideas how I could fix this? I'm concerned that I may face this issue with other clips too.