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    Zooming / Focusing On a Area

      I am tryring to capture a software demo, there are parts of this app which I need to focus the user on. I tried using the ZOOM function but it was just too blurry is there another way of getting a closer view / demo of a window that appears?

      Would it be possible to record the smaller areas at a lower screen resolution and the rest at a normal resolution and simply try and put the two videos together?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi jaymdouglas

          Indeed that is exactly the approach I normally use. Start with a smaller sized image, then use the Zoom tool to present the larger (actual) sized image. You would do this by saving the larger image as a standard image file. Then when you insert the Zoom area, you should see a button labeled "Select Image". Click this button and choose the full sized image. Note that you would probably want to configure the zoom destination area to be the identical dimensions of the image you are using. Captivate won't offer any help with that, other than to list the pixel sizes in properties dialogs.

          Cheers... Rick