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    Flash6.ocx Error Message From Norton's

      I have recently encountered an error message when running a scan with Norton's One Step Check Up and also the Norton’s Win Doctor. The message reads as follows… "Invalid ActiveX/COM Entry…The key CLSID\{1171A62F-05D2-11D1-83FC-00A0C9089C5A}\InprocServer32 refers to a missing file C:\\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\Flash6.ocx"

      A check of that location "C:\\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash" found no Flash6.ocx file but rather a Flash9e.ocx file. I was able though to locate many Flash6.ocx files in Windows with the help of Secunia Software Inspector which per that program’s recommendation were deleted. I then did a search of the registry which located Flash6.ocx in several places but not knowing what to safely delete from the registry I left it alone for now. Any help would also be appreciated.
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          Just an update. After a lot of searching and reading and I was able to correct the issue myself. I sorted down through the registry to the following HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key: CLSID\{1171A62F-05D2-11D1-83FC-00A0C9089C5A}\InprocServer32.

          Once there I highlighted and right-clicked "InprocServer32", left clicked on "Permissions", then highlighted my username as I am an “Administrator”, and then “Allowed” both “Full Control” and “Read” “Permissions for Administrators.” With that done I closed the registry and restarted my computer and ran both Norton’s One Button Checkup and WinDoctor. The “Invalid ActiveX/COM Entries” message is now fixed. Good luck!
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            THANK YOU for finding the solution to your own problem and for then posting it online for all, especially me, to find via Google and see! I had the same issue, but upon reading your post and applying the same changes, I too have resolved the problem found by, but couldn't be automatically fixed by, Norton SystemWorks.

            Again, many thanks.