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    Full Motion Recording - Monitor Screen turns all Red

    eholz1 Level 1
      Hello Forum,

      I have having an issue with my system in terms of using full-motion recording and narration at the same time.
      I am using Captivate 3.0. My OS is Windows XP SP2, the PC is an HP xw8400 Workstation, with 3 gb ram, and 3 ghz cpu. the video card is an NVIDIA Quadro FX 560.

      I have a captivate project that I recorded using full motion, narration (mic, etc) and recorded how to open files, etc on my pc. I did not check "Disable hardware Accelleration" in the project preferences area.

      Here is what happens, semi-intermittently:
      I made the recording with screen shots and narration. All the slides in the edit panel (IDE) are fine when I view them in the ide environment. When I play the tutorial either using the function keys (F4 or F8) the app begins to play fine, audio, screen, etc. The after a short time during a drag and drop process from one window to another,
      my screen (monitor) begins to pain the screen in red! It then fills the entire captivate screen with red, totally covering all the slides as they play. the audio is fine.

      I have this same problem when I publish the file an port it to the web server. I am not sure if I should blame my hardware or the Captivate program.
      Has anyone seen this ?