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    Adobe premiere very slow after working on audio

    Jayceoner Level 1

      Good morning,


      Since the last update on Premiere Pro, I noticed that after working on the audio the software become very very slow.


      To be sure I tried two differents methods:


      1) I have a full sequence with MXF files, MP4 in HD and UHD. Everything is working well.

      I sent my sequence to Adobe Audition (noise reduction / loudness adjust) and after that my project became very very slow. More than 15s delayed.

      I tried to figure out on internet a solution but nothing. My only way to fix that issue was to go back on an old project (and loose 6h of work).



      2) Different project, same type of files.

      I exported the audio as 1 track (AIF), imported in Audition, worked on the audio and exported again in AIF.

      Imported my new track on Premiere and same thing happened. Premiere became very slow... (but less that the first project).


      Am I the only one to have this issue? Does anyone knows how to fix it?


      Thank you in advance for your previous answer...