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    Muse, Creative Cloud Membership and In-browser Editing

    MDNYinc Level 1

      I only use Creative Cloud membership for my Muse websites.  Since Muse will no longer be the platform I use to create websites, do I still need to have a CC membership in order to be able to update websites by in-browser editing? 


      If I download my websites from the Creative Cloud file and be able to upload them to a Godaddy hosting through filezilla, will I still be able to make changes to the sites (to the extent that is possible now within inbrowser editing) without a membership to Creative Cloud?


      Since Muse will be gone, and I won't be creating any more websites through Muse, I don't see why I should pay a CC membership but just want to make sure the 100 or so client websites I already do have will be able to be updated if needed.



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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          For editing with IBE you won`t need a CC subscription.

          If you upload once with filezilla or similar you won´t be able to edit within IBE ever.

          So if you want to keep asup to date as possible, make some changes in layout or content you should stick with CC.

          You can hardly add some content, which you did not set up enough space with IBE, for this you will need muse and so CC.


          BTW, basically you can purchase Muse as a single app – if this is available till the EOL announcement I do not know for sure.


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