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    comprehensive changelog in cc desktop app


      Hello Adobe, This has been said before but I really need to say it out loud now.


      I am fed up with the unprofessional information in the Adobe CC Desktop app about new releases.


      Either you write marketing nonsense like "AI tweaker bon bon houbba boubba now implemented" or simply "This update addresses several high priority issues discovered since the last release" and clicking on that opens the app e.g Photoshop. If those issues are of high priority, please link the change log!!!


      There are actual professionals using your software and in a professional environment one does not change software version unless the new version is production proven.


      How damned hard is it to include a link to the change log? Every time there's an update we have to search the internet or relay on 3rd party sources like DPReview to point to the change log because it isn't that there would be a www.adobe.com/photoshop/changelog URL. Every single program has it's change log buried somewhere else.


      here's to document the inconsistency of the actual links:

      New features summary for the October 2017 and later releases of Lightroom CC across devices

      New features summary for the October 2017 and later releases of Lightroom Classic CC

      (NOTE: Float above the links with your mouse to see the actual links...)


      Make it happen guys. It's not hard and it would be professional courtesy for us users.


      Thank you for considering!