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    Template listed, but MIA

    heavywriter Level 1
      Found problem - somehow file got hidden on check in - went to root view in RoboSource, unhid file.

      I suddenly have a template missing from our project. File is missing from both the DB and all local user files (3 users). At this stage (DEV), it is not too much of a problem (i.e., we can recreate template in about 20 seconds and it was only applied to one topic).

      The problem is we can't get rid of the template listing in the Project. Specifically, under Project Setup, the wayward template is still listed with an "x". None of us can right-click/Delete on it (well, we can, but the missing listing remains). I've disassociated all files using the template from the missing template, but that didn't help.

      RoboSource Control does not list the file available, either. It shows the file under Recent Changes, checked in (numerous versions), but clicking on the hyperlink does nothing.

      While one would think this can be worked around, the problem remains that if an author accidentally grabs that template for use, it crashes RHx7.