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    Ingest self-produced DVD or Blu-Ray with least quality loss

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      I know there are several threads on this topic that I have read but I have done a lot of transcoding of my material so have that basic knowledge.  However I  have a specific question that hopefully has an easy answer. I am not trying to re-create the wheel of the other posts and as always look forward to the great help on this forum.


      First, these are just 2 or 3 projects I made on either a prior software package (Studio) or early Pr Pro/Encore. This was before I archived projects so I can't just bring them up in either software program.  Besides, they are old, would probably not work. My archive was my ISO!


      I have the ISO files, the discs, and an MKV I subsequently made that plays fine on streamers, etc. with great quality.


      I have a need I did not think I would have and that is to extract a few clips from these discs/files to insert in a new project.  I also have the raw footage buried somewhere as backup but would be nice to include all the nice production on the discs for the few snippets I need. The original footage is probably AVI, DV, or Widescreen DV for SD and HDV for HD but not sure that is relevant as they were made into discs.


      I understand I can run handbrake on the .MKV (which I believe is an uncompressed re-container of my disc file) and generate a file Pr Pro can ingest.

      My question is this. To eliminate  transcoding, what settings do I choose?  I think I used MPEG-2 in early days with Encore but have no idea with Studio other than they were SD DVD's and Blu-Rays that played in standard players. I guess one clue is it would be pre- H.264 for sure.


      I cannot find something that will give me an uncompressed ingestable format direct from the discs so that is why I am focused on the .MKV.


      I really just want a format that Pr Pro can ingest with the least possible degradation.  Of course the DVD and Blu-Ray is already compressed, but I mean keeping it at that compressed level.


      To make this happen it appears the best thing to do is to use Handbrake choose the codec that is in the .MKV container but determining that, and the proper settings to make Premiere Pro happen to ingest has been problematic.


      Am I on the right path?  Recommended SD, SD WS, HD settings?