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    An abundance of new LR Presets - which to choose

    FrankMazz Level 1

      I just upgraded to LR Classic CC 7.4. (Camera Raw 10.4 / Windows 10, 64 bit.)


      Moving from the pre-Classic version to the latest version I seem to have duplicate, perhaps doubled the number of Lightroom Presets. I understand I can use the Preset Manager to hide/show various Preset groups. Can I assume the group "Lightroom Presets" has the older Develop Module presets? (screenshot attached)


      What's confounding is, there are similarly named presets in the old and the new groups. For example, in "Lightroom Presets" there's a preset called "B&W Creative - Look 1." In what looks like new, smaller, more convenient groups, there is "Classic - B&W Presets > B&W Look 1." But they aren't the same.


      The former desaturates a photo and makes a few HSL tweaks. The latter (I assume a new, "Classic" preset) converts a photo to a B&W treatment, makes significant changes to Basic settings and significantly adjusts the "Black & White Mix."


      Is it safe to assume the group of "Lightroom Presets" are older, less refined than presets in the smaller groupings? Is it safe to assume if I hide "Lightroom Presents" I won't be giving up much?


      Thanks much. Hoping for the day when software upgrades don't require trial-and-error to get acclimated.


      LR Presets Menu.jpg