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    Why doesn't the audio import with video?


      Import clips to edit, the first clip I add, the audio accompanies. Every other clip I bring over, it doesn't come with the audio.


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          juanmario Level 4

          With data you can respond better.

          If the video is correctly imported, that is, the video with the corresponding audio, or vice versa, the cause is this:


          In the timeline, in the header of the tracks, the first column on the left, this column enables the insertion and overwriting action, you will see V1 and A1, both must be illuminated or not illuminated; otherwise, if you have the V1 selected and the A1 not, you will not be able to incorporate the audio into a timeline; if it is the other way around, you will not be able to incorporate video.

          This is easy to do, because when you want to incorporate it into the timeline a forbidden symbol appears.


          If the video is not imported correctly, with the absence of the audio channel.

          This usually happens when one has already installed another version of the program and updates.

          Open the program and go to the menu Edit> Preferences> Media Cache and take note of the route that indicates to that folder, it is not useful to do it from the program, close the program and go manually to the route you write, and delete the content of the Cache folders that are inside.

          Link to the procedure:

          FAQ: How to clean (delete or trash) media cache files?

          Then, open the program and import the video.

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