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    preloading sounds?  possible?

      i have this flex app im building..

      in the tilelist the images are shown..and when you click on an image..it will play a sound..

      so every image has a corresponding sound to them..

      my problem is that the sound is streamed..so the first time i click the image..the sound will take a bit before being played since its being streamed by the flex app..succeeding clicks on the image will play the sound immediately..

      is there a way where i can like preload the sounds as soon as the tilelist is populated? so there will be no lag when the image is clicked..i can't have the option of embedding the sounds as first, it will make the application big..second is that the images are to be added by users..along with the sound files that go with it..(in another program) so the images and sounds are not fixed..

      thanks for any input..