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    Windows Projector window resizing

      I have published a Flash file to windows projector (exe) which, when opened, displays in full screen mode. On the initial screen are several buttons which open up other swf files in their own Flash player windows using fscommand.

      In Flash CS2, the main screen would remain full screen as the other swf files opened in their own Flash player windows at 100%. Now, in Flash CS3, when clicking on the buttons to open the other swf files in their own Flash player windows at 100%, the main screen also reduces to 100%.

      Is there anyway to prevent this from happening?
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          mmm Not sure if we understand the problem correctly. However we ask you to
          try FlashJester Jugglor.

          Select the main projector and add the other swf files in the additional
          files section in Jugglor.

          Also play around with the Windows Settings in Setup Settings section.

          Try it for FREE you have nothing to lose. Download an evaluation copy from


          Hope it works out.

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