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    Acrobat DC "(Not Responding)" Prompt - Windows 10


      I am running Creative Cloud along with the full version of Acrobat DC. Up until recently all this worked well on this Windows 10 machine. Now, more often than not, when opening a PDF or working with a PDF (editing, form making, optimizing, etc.) I will get a (Not Responding) prompt in the title bar. It seems fairly random and can happen during any function. If I wait the program generally doesn't crash it will eventually respond but I'll often have to redo the function I just tried. This can't be right and what a time waster this is. On occasion it does crash the application and I'll have to restart Acrobat. Has anyone had this problem as well? Is there something I can do or is it possibly the hardware (PC too old)?

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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi Rich_PI,


          As per the issue description mentioned above, Acrobat doesn't respond when opening or working with a pdf, is that correct?


          Try following troubleshooting steps:

          1- Check if an update is available for Acrobat using "Check for updates" option under "Help" menu, reboot the machine after installing update and try again. You may also download updates from here: Adobe software and product updates

          2- If that doesn't work, reset preferences for Acrobat using the steps given here: How to reset Preference settings in Acrobat.

          3- If issue still persists, try the steps given in this link: Troubleshoot Windows system errors, freezes | Adobe software


          Let us know if you need any help.


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            Rich_PI Level 1

            Acrobat will randomly (at least it seems that way) flash a "(Not Responding)" prompt in the title bar while I'm working on a PDF. Rarely will the application completely crash. It literally wont respond for a few seconds and then come back. I'm able to proceed after that. It has only crashed completely if I am impatient and start clicking around (I don't do that anymore). It is the latest version. Creative Cloud checks for updates daily. I will try steps 2 and 3 if it doesn't require an Admin login. If it does I will refer all this to the IT Dept.

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              Abambo Adobe Community Professional

              I experience the same problems and by comparing different machines, I can confirm that the biggest performance troubles are caused by not having a SSD disk. A stricter corporate firewall could also try to block some of the call-home-functions of Acrobat.


              The indications above are the most important differences between my office computer and my home computer. My home computer performs miles better than my office computer, despite the fact that the graphics is lower-end and the processor 2 generations behind the office computer's processor.


              Step 2 can be done on your own and that helps sometimes.

              Step 3 points to outdated information as it still talks about QUICKTIME, not in a context relevant to Acrobat, but QUICKTIME is clearly outdated software and should be removed from your system...

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                Rich_PI Level 1

                The firewall could be it. We have VERY tight security here and it has caused problems before (not with Adobe but other apps and functions). My home computer runs this software very well also . . . although my home computer is a Mac - whole different world.

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                  Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                  you need to know that even that MacOS is different from Windows, Adobe programs differ only in details imposed by the OS.

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                    Rich_PI Level 1

                    I know that Abode is cross platform and the apps function the same in either environment (that is what I like the most about Adobe since I often have to work in both environments). The ". . . although my home computer is a Mac - whole different world." comment was referring to the OS environments specifically and not Adobe. Macs and PCs are more compatible today than they have ever been but each OS has some very different approaches to the way things function. Both have their merits. After 25 years of working with both platforms Microsoft and Apple can learn a lot from each other in my humble opinion. That's all really.


                    Your Firewall assessment of my issue I believe is the correct one. As I said, I have had similar issues with other functions not related to Adobe. Our security is very strict here so it is entirely possible our firewall is slowing things down. I have alerted the IT people.

                    Thanks again.