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    Preset not longer showing up or loading since yesterday's update 7.4


      Some of my presets no longer appearing in the list.


      Before update yesterday: all of my purchased and home-made presets are available.


      Today, after update: some of my presets are appearing, but the most important ones (and most complex) no longer appear in the preset list.


      So far, I've tried:

      - Deleting presets from the folder and copying back. - Nope, my missing presets are still missing even though the files are in the correct folder.

      - Deleting ALL presets from the folder and copying back. - Nope, same presets that were not appearing in the list are still not appearing.

      - Adding presets using the + menu in Lightroom. - Nope, it does copy the file to the correct folder, but the presets do not appear in the list.


      Hopefully someone has a solution...?