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    Page thumbnail tab size keeps resetting

    Taelon Level 1

      My company recently updated to Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 and I've noticed an issue that will annoy me to no end unless resolved.  When I open the Page Thumbnail tab it shows just a single column of pages.  I know to stretch it out to the point it will show three (as I like it) but whenever it is closed Adobe forgets that I stretched it.  Now when I say closed I don't even mean close the file, I mean close the page thumbnail's tab.


      I know I can set adobe to "Restore Last View" but that isn't what I'm looking for (plus I work with well over 500+ PDF's in a day and most of them new.)


      Is there some other setting I'm missing or was the feature of remember how big you stretched a tab removed in the edition were now using.