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    2018 cc import & playback issues


      Ever since I downloaded the adobe premiere cc 2018 version I've been having two big issues. They don't damage my projects but they're very time consuming:


      1) My video files are importing all messed up. I have video files with both video and sound on one file but sometimes half the files will import as just sound clips. If I change the extension from .mov to .mp4 it usually fixes the issue. But sometimes I have to switch from .mp4 to .mov. And it doesn't do it to the whole folder of files so I have to keep messing with it. There's no real rhyme or reason to it so it's not something I can anticipate on my own to prevent. I just need to expect to have to mess with my files for a pretty long time every time I import. Is anyone else having this issue? Is it common? It never happened to me before my last update (I think a few weeks ago).


      2) While editing at least once an hour my playback will freeze. It'll continue playing the audio but the image will freeze. It freezes so bad that I need to save the project, quit premiere and then open it all over again. This happens even when I'm not using a lot of effects/filters. It can be caused by just a simple dissolve transition. Anyone else having this issue?


      I'm hoping these are common glitches that are being worked on. Especially my first issue because I don't see what I can do to fix that time consuming problem. I'm using the same camera I've been using for the last 2 years with adobe premiere.


      Please advise if you can, thank you.