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    Solving general slowness problems using the Flex debugger?

    ZClaes Level 1
      My Flex application is a huge one... so it's not surprising that I'm running into a spot of slowness (the framerate dropping quite low) at certain times. I've isolated the problem to a general point in time which I can reproduce with a certain degree of accuracy, but have had one heck of a time trying to isolate the problem down to latency within any one or more functions or bits of code. Because so many things are potentially going on at once within my app, it's really difficult to try to find this problem.

      My question is this: is there any way to isolate this slowness using the Flex debugging environment or other such methods? Even if it was something as gruesome-looking as a full printout of the run-time of each function within my application as they executed, I think it would allow me to solve the problem.